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Portugal is like that student can could get an A but decides to do nothing and gets a C and then it realizes that the C can turn into a D and tries to work for it and hopes to God its not too late

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Unknown Evan Rachel Wood photoshoot, 2004

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Yellow rose: friendship; Peony: bravery; Hydrangea: pride

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if zodiac signs were memes


aquarius: socially awkward penguin 

pisces: shrek is love shrek is life

aries: ……………slime man

taurus: ??????

gemini: anime tiddies

cancer: doge

leo: that really annoying one about coming out and being attacked

virgo: tfw no gf

libra: powerpoint done in comic sans

scorpio: rage comic

sagittarius: 12 year old furries

capricorn: the first meme of 2014

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this show is such a gift

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im yong soo, he’s yong soo, you’re yong soo, WE’RE ALL yong soo!  are there any other yong soos i should know about?!


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Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act: ‘Null and Void’

In a victory activists were unsure they’d get, Uganda’s Constitutional Court overturned the country’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act today, declaring the anti-LGBT law “null and void” because of a parliamentary technicality in how it was passed.  

The court determined that when members of Parliament passed the law in December 2013, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had not established quorum — a required minimum number of members present to vote — effectively invalidating the law. 

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